How to choose car detailing company

Having travelled to more than a dozen country and driven more than a quarter million miles , I can definitely help you narrow down your choices for car cleaning . There are some factors which needs to be kept in mind while selecting a service -
1. Climate 2. Driving terrain 3. Age of the car Once you narrow down these three , based on your pocket size you can opt for a better service . In our country particularly in India , Service is very expensive because of lack of education of customer in those service areas , Very less or zero knowledge of the process and substance used for detailing . Therefore you will find two service centres providing similar services at different pricing . In this writeup , we will only talk about the waterless washes . As mentioned above service industry in our country is so badly segregated because there is no standardization of pricing and quality delivered . Also most of it to blame to lack of customer awareness .

Our company was founded back in 2015 but team of Strategy and functional domain experts with more then 30 years of combined proffesional service delivery experience. We operate more than 10 Franchises , 27 cities , corporate locations and tieups , across Indian subcontinent .

Washmycar is the only auto-detailing global brand who manufactures and also provides service unlike others who buy their products from third party . How does that matter ? 1. Cost - You will end up paying more for a lower quality service as the product has been into so many hands , cost increases . 2. Quality - No quality check at the client end . They are just last mile users providing service to customers. 3. Reliability & Safety - There is no reliability of the products use as the service provider does not know what are the components which goes into the manufacturing of such solvents . Therefore I strongly suggest relying on a global brand rather than local vendors , as i love my car and can't affort to do some permanent damage to save some quick bucks . Also Washmycar is the most affordable service in the country and the most innovative too .


Most of our first time customers are unaware of the science which goes into cleaning their car. WMC team has travelled across the world to find the right components and solution for their product and also have studied the very fundamentals of engineering through which they are able to bring the most innovative products in the market which no other service provider does in the globe .


Waterless and Eco-friendly is the new hype in the market . But our reasearch told us that most of the service providers who claim to provide waterless services are either using less water or using chemicals to clean the car. And in both cases waterless option won't be that effective , Isn't it ? Washmycar products are made out of natural tree extracts and is 100 % human friendly . Which means other than using 0% water and chemicals these products are bi-degradable as well . Now that's some strong message to the false advocates of waterless services .

On-demand Services

Wherever you can park your vehicle you can order WMC service . Now if that isn' cool then what ? They have the best service and most humble fleet to cater to your flexible and dynamic schedule . And don't even charge for cancellation . I would recommend highly of them .

If not until now , then you must try WMC services once and I bet you will never go back to any other service provider ever again in any city their services are presence .

Nallini Eric

Author is an avid traveller and have travelled to +29 countries and have clocked thousands of miles on gas . Have travelled cross continents on road and is well known figure among international auto clubs .

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