How to book a car wash online

India being second largest economy after China , boasts of a strong service market . Which means customers have lot of options to choose from variety of services , in this particular case it would be " How to book a car wash online " .

Our company was founded back in 2015 but team of Strategy and functional domain experts with more then 30 years of combined proffesional service delivery experience. We operate more than 10 Franchises , 27 cities , corporate locations and tieups , across Indian subcontinent .

Not only online but booking our services are as easy as 1..2..3 . Our ordering system is 100 % automated and to ensure timely and efficient delivery we only take online orders . All you have to do is follow three simple steps below , and you can get your car cleaned from anywhere across the city .

Select service

If you are reading this , it means you have already found us :) . Next you need to go to our and select any plan as per your need .

Select Package

Once you're done with service selection , you will be taken to our Booking page where you can select from variety of upgrades and customise your package. You can select from single wash to our One year subsctiption ( Note - All yearly packages have 50% off ) .

Enter and Submit Details

Help us locate you by filling a small form , Ensure the details filled are correct before you hit submit . Once you hit submit , you can go back to doing whatever you were doing 30 secs earlier . We will take care of the rest .

Once your order hits our ordering system , you will receieve a text notification of order placed ( This doesn't ensure order confirmation ) . We ringfence our manpower and service in a way so that we can provide you with service at shortest time possible . Therefore every order is queued up and ONLY ON CONFIRMATION YOU WILL GET A CALL or MSG . Due to heavy order flow we encourage our customers to place orders before hand so that we can ensure a timely service .

Krishna Bhatt

Author is a Auto-enthusiast passionate about auto tech and clean technology in the space . Having spend over a decade in Germany and working with leading luxury car brands , is currently based out of Mumbai and consult and writes about Automobile technologies and services related to it . Big time caffeine addict and cricket fan .

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